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 What is MARKETING? 


      • ProductThis covers the combination of goods and services that your business offers. It could include the following characteristics: quality, variety, design, features, services, warranty, sizes, packaging, brand name and returns.
      • PlaceHow does the consumer access your product or service? Things to think about in this area include: distribution channels, coverage, inventory, transportation, logistics and retail outlet location.
      • PriceWhat approach will you take when you are pricing your product? Will you offer your customers discounts or extended payment periods? What credit terms will you set and how will you track receivables??


    • PromotionRefers to how you communicate with your customers. Most businesses use a mix of advertising, personal selling, referrals, sales promotion and public relations..
    • PeopleYour staff are ambassadors for your business. Think the following in relation to your staff: knowledge, experience, skills, communication, teamwork and attitude.
    • ProcessThe process that you use in your daily operations can effect your customer's experience, even if it's simply ensuring that orders are effectively managed.

Who is wsct worldwide media? 

WSCT Worldwide Media is a full service Marketing Firm that specializes in assisting clients who desire to creatively market and build their brand using the most effective marketing strategies in the industry. WSCT has over 15+ years of experience in multiple industries which helps us identify and meet the goals of any type of business. 

  As one of the leading full service marketing and PR firms on the east coast, WSCT has the experience and ability to target and service clients in the entire US market. With offices located in Atlanta, Miami and New York it does not matter where your business or target market is located we can still help.

 So call us today for your free one on one consultation (866) 212 - 9597





What We Do

Planning & Strategy

Planning & Strategy

Every project is a compilation of various elements and ideas. No matter how expansive or simplistic your project may be, a plan is vital to the success and organization of it  your project. A well devised execution and maintenance strategy can catapult the vision for your project well beyond your personal imagination. 

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Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing

Frequently it is more effective to meet your target audience where they are.  Depending on your industry it is more profitable for you to go to publicize to your intended market rather than the audience your market approach to you. Direct Marketing is doing just that. Direct Marketing produces a form of results that can be directly measured. 

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Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

In today's age of agile internet dependency, being unceasingly accessible by virtue of the internet is inexplicably fundamental to the prosperity of a project.Through maintaining awareness of constantly evolving trends and restrictions, we have the ability to outfit your project with various online capabilities such as e-commerce...

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Brand Management

Brand Management

Branding is the engraving of your project and its intended emotional association into the consciousness and memory of your target audience through numerous aspects such as consistency, constancy, seamlessness, visibility, trust, & allegiance. This is done through various avenues, such as Public Relations, Corporate Identity...

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Content Creation

Content Creation

The content you choose to represent your project is the vehicle for your projects depiction. Well devised content results in an favorable response. We will cultivate, orchestrate and distribute quality content that embodies your project while presenting it in a manner that will attract your target audience and leave a lasting impression. 

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Printable Promotions

Printable Promotions

Statistics show that referrals travel on paper. Having something tangible to provide to your audience is a good way to keep your project on people's mind. We can not only design your promotional material, but we can also print them a price well within your budget. We have a full suite of traditional and creative printable materials...

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Earn Thousands of Dollars per month in extra income with our client referral program.

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Find the Internships and Careers that best fit you and your life's goals.

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What our clients say

“Our company was looking to promote our new BP Visa Card and BP Driver Rewards program in 2012. We wanted to reach a large audience via the web and WSCT Worldwide Media could do just that. Their helpful and friendly staff was able to execute our message and generate an increase in our online applications for our BP Visa and Driver Rewards programs for 2 consecutive years. Building a partnership with WSCT Worldwide Media is one of the best online marketing decisions we have made.”

~Denitra B., Marketing Director, BP

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